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Audio Capture Overview

The Audio Record Wizard is a software program designed to record audio from any source. This might include a microphone, record player, streaming audio, tape recorder, phone conversation, VCR or video games. In other words, just about any device that produces sound. This is great news for those interested in creating their own podcasts.

With the direct-to-disk feature, you can record without running out of memory (RAM). The only recording limit is the size of your hard drive. You can choose to save your recordings as MP3 or WAV files. Recording in the MP3 format makes it easy to send your files via email because of its compressed size. We personally use the software to record the songs of our children. Then my wife emails the file to grandma and grandpa, who live out of state. Listen to this 30k example of her saying. "I love you grandma". The recording possibilites are endless!

The Audio Record wizard can also be setup to be Voice-Activated. This will allow you to record any sounds in your home, dorm or office. With the schedule feature, you can setup to record at certain days and times, perfect for recording streaming audio shows on the Internet.

The user interface is well thought out and easy to use. It is suited for both novice and expert PC users alike. Click here to view sample screenshots.