You have landed on this website because you are “awake” and see the writing on the wall.  You understand that our nation is struggling in many ways.  Millions are without jobs because everything is now made in China.  Economists say we are right around the corner from a massive devaluation of the dollar.  The types of riots we have seen in bankrupt European countries will come to the United States very soon.  Will you be prepared?  Or will you have to flee your current home and leave extended family behind?  There is no need to panic at the last minute if you plan ahead.

Your new safe place to live is in Comanche, TX, and offers a mini village for sale.  Besides being a place of refuge it could also be used for extended family living, “like minded” community dwelling, or an income-producing business like a horse training facility, country mobile home estates, or any other venture where combined multiple dwelling living is required.

The property offers two homes and six mobile homes with utilities, central air and heat.  Among the 18 surveyed lots, each of these homes are on a half acre and serviced by central water and separate septic systems.  The office building has all utilities with a DSL internet connection.

This “retreat” is a perfect location and setup for several families who want to band together when things start to get ugly.

  1. 20 acre and 5 acre pastures. 20 acres forested.  Total 63.5 acres.

  2. 8 miles from nearest shopping.

  3. 18 half-acre surveyed lots which are serviced by running water, electricity, telephones & satellite service.

  4. This property has 1/2 of the mineral rights which includes oil.  There is an oil well donkey that operates about three miles away.

  5. A 3 bedroom 2.5 bath rammed earth home is currently under construction.  It has a small tornado shelter located in the basement. 

  6. 5 mobile homes, each on a 1⁄2-acre plot, with all utilities including water and own septic systems. All have been remodeled and are in good condition with central heating and A/C.

  7. One additional newly remodeled mobile home presently being used as an office.

  8. A 2 bedroom 1 bath home being renovated.

  9. Deep 380 foot well with adequate pressure tanks, and approximately 2000 ft. water main. This system provides water to all homes, buildings, gardens and cattle troughs on the property.

  10. One-third mile private surveyed graveled roadway.

  11. Emergency back-up power system (8 kilowatt) with 1200 gallon propane storage, with 700 gallon propane.

  12. Barn with cement floor, with new roof and corrals.

  13. 2 large storage sheds, with lights, many shelves.

  14. Air-conditioned food storage building.

  15. Fenced garden plot.

  16. Outside arena & round pen.

  17. 20 acre costal hay field, 15 acres & 5 acre pastures.

  18. Partially constructed commercial sized greenhouse.

  19. Wildlife everywhere; fresh air and no pollution.  If you are interested, we can leave behind 1 horse, 3 goats, and 1 donkey.

Be sure to click on the photos link at the top of this webpage to see several other shots taken of the property.

The price for all of this is $895,000.  We may consider other offers.  We are providing several different phone numbers you can use to contact us:






Welcome to Your Place of Refuge